Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a BOY! all of my avid readers know (haha) my sister, Camille, is expecting. And although I thought I could see the future, I was incorrect. My sister is not having a mini Camille, but rather a mini-Bryan! They are having a BOY! As of now, his name is "Tytan (Ty for short) David Cook." Ain't that cute?! So yes, I am thrilled for my sister and brother-in-law for the exciting news! :) Since there is not a whole lot of exciting things going on in my life, I get to brag about the exciting things going on in others'! :) YAY CAMILLE! Baby Ty is going to be so stinkin cute!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Sister Camille Thinks I'm the BEST!!!

So, I went to my favorite sister's house with Josh and we had fun visiting with Bryan and Camille. They love us so much and think we are the coolest ever. While I was there I must have checked my email and not logged off, so Camille thought she should totally guest post about how awesome I am.

Here are some of the top 8 reasons (8 is Camille's favorite number) that Camille thinks I'm SO awesome!

1. I look so gorgeous in all the wedding dresses I try on. It is seriously so hard to pick just one when I look so great in all of them! Especially the kind of mermaidy style ones. They show off my super cuteness!

2. Besides spending my days trying on wedding dresses, I also try to empathize with Camille by trying on her burn clothes and her maternity clothes. It is pretty much hilarious when I try them on, and Camille loves that I try to relate with her.

3. I'm seriously more excited about this new little boy than Camille is, which she totally appreciates because she hasn't been as excited as she might have been if she hadn't had some serious morning sickness.

4. I'm so great about sending letters to people. Thank yous, random love notes, emails and texts, but especially snail mail. Camille always tells me how much she loves my letters and she can't bear to throw any away.

5. I have seriously forgiven Camille for all the horrible things she would do to me while we were growing up, like kick me out of the room, blame all the messes on me, play try-to-get-out-of-the-room until I was furious, and make me get her a glass of water which usually resulted in getting in trouble. But I say, forgive and forget! She is very grateful (as she should be).

6. Because Camille has such a horrible memory, I have made her books about some of our best memories so at least she can read it and refresh her memory from time to time. I seriously don't know what she would do without the book or my spectacular memory (except like I said, I've tried to forget all the mean things she did while we were growing up).

7. Camille loves that I'm so great with kids. She not only thinks I'll be a fabulous teacher, but also wants me to live close (even move in, she's so funny) so that I can always be close to her and her kids. (She may change her mind, however, when her kids totally want to be with me more than they want to be with their own mom.)

8. Camille loves me so much that she tried so hard to keep me in the family on both sides. She always wanted us to date brothers, but cousins is almost as good, and since Camille always wants to be just like me, she's really happy that we'll still have the same last name.

Well, Camille could go on and on, but it is past her bedtime, so she's going to sign off now, but she wants to at least say she loves me the most and is so glad I came to visit last night!!!


Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm an Aunt...AGAIN! :)

So...I was going through my family's blogs and came across one my sister had posted. She is so thoughtful and considerate to announce my engagement! It's true...June 26 is the big day! However, she seemed to have neglected a very happy and important event in her I will announce it for her...


That's right! Watch out world...come July 26 there will be a mini Camille or Bryan on this earth! I am so excited for them! Lets all give a little "woot woot!" for the mother and father to be! (and lets not forget a little "woot woot!" for the aunt to be...again!) ;)

CONGRATS CAMILLE AND BRYAN! I am so happy for you! Much love! xoxo!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I just watched Heidiann Heiniger's digital storytelling project and thought that it was a very fun and cute story about Halloween. I liked that she did her story about Halloween since it is now October. The music in the background also fit with the story very well. I thought it was great! I also watched Mallory Gibbons digial storytelling project, and I thought it was very good. The story "I don't know what to do today" was very cute. I liked that she had the funny and fitting music in the background of her story. She did a great job. The third digital storytelling project I watched was Jeff Freeman's. His video was very informational about Erosion, and I thought that it was a great way to introduce a new topic. The facts about erosion caused by glaciers was very interesting and put together very well. I liked all the projects I viewed, they were well done!
I would be able to adapt a digital storytelling project to the first grade by having students write one of their own poems and have them take pictures or have pictures taken of things that would work well for their poem. Then teaching students how to make their own digital storytelling project and with the help of a teacher, they would be able to share with others their written poem in a more creative and technological way.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Learning how to do a digital storyboard was very interesting and surprisingly fun to do! We will be using images from the internet and each take turns in reading the poem for our digital story next week. We learned how to cite all the media we will use and posted the images on our digital storyboard. It will be a fun use of technology to make a digital story from the poem and images we have found.

Digital Storyboard